Harry And The Hendersons

Filming Location

Index, Washington

Hwy 2, mile marker 36.5

The 1987 movie Harry and the Hendersons is about a family's encounter with a bigfoot (Harry), working to protect him from a hunter and ultimately releasing him in the mountains of Washington state. Parts of the movie were filmed around the village of Index, Washington.

The Index filming location is now home to a park that includes a couple wood sculptures of Harry. The park is maintained by the proprietors of the Espresso Chalet.

harry henderson sculpture

Harry Henderson Sculpture (Z13A0040)

harry henderson sculpture

Harry Henderson Sculpture with Racoon (Z13A0041)

espresso chalet

Espresso Chalet (Z13A0043)
The site is hosted and maintained by the folks who run the Espresso Chalet, the oldest espresso stand still operating along Highway 2. They have additional bigfoot-related items on display and on their menu.

bigfoot crossing sign

Bigfoot Crossing (Z13A0042)

Nearby Sights

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